Tomi Voltanas is a singer/songwriter from Tempe Arizona who has been recently awakened by the coastal sirens of modern day to raise awareness of climate change by telling the story of Voltanas.  Now, many years after his last project he is now on a new journey using his music to spread these messages.

Recent Updates

Live at Arizona State University - 2/25

My 2019 live team now includes the ultra talented Ms. Windy Tunnels on bass guitar. Please join me in welcoming her to the line up as we play on the north stage of the Memorial Union.  We hope to see you at ASU (click image for a map to the M.U.)

New Single - Runnin' Down a Dream - OUT NOW

I'm really thankful to be able to release a cover from one of my favorite artists. In 1989 Tom Petty Released this gem that I have finally been able to honor with this small tribute. Now I finally get share my take on it with you.

September 2018: Dark Angel - OUT NOW

The new 10 song album Dark Angel explores past loves of Voltanas.  Under the love spell of multiple sirens Voltanas is compelled to express his relentless and haunting love.


This lyric video is the first track from the album Dark Angel.

February 2018: The End (Doors) Single - RELEASED

A tribute to one of the greatest bands in history and one of the greatest songs ever made. This single includes and intro, the full song and an extro. Also included is a version without the voice over effects so this can be used in other applications.

January 2018: VOLTURNUS Single - RELEASED

This is the story of Volturnus as told by Tomi Voltanas.

November 2017: EXILE EP - RELEASED

Exile is the first release in a series of stories about Voltanas. In ancient Rome, Voltanas was the illegitimate offspring of Volturnus 'god of water' and his human mother Davina. This un-natural pairing was not sanctioned by the flamen (priests) of Volturnus and the child Voltanas not accepted. As an illegitimate air his relation to Volturnus was largely not acknowledged. As a shunned offspring Voltanas was hidden away and allowed to live. This is the story of the events leading to his exile as told by Tomi Voltanas.

December 2017: Fire Baby Studio Video

Please take a moment learn more about climate change using the ACE link above - thank you.

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